CEO Message

CEO Message

The company’s aim since its creation has been to provide the best level of service in the hotel industry. AlMassa Hotels has assumed a prominent place in the market and become a leader in the field of hospitality.

All praise is due to allah and with His Guidance, we have succeeded in gaining  the trust and confidence of many companies and agencies specializing in the Hajj and Umrah industry as well as maintaining strong relationships with travel agencies around the world. The goal of our company is to maintain this trust, strengthen ties and continue to grow.

The company has a keen interest in young saudi recruits, with the polarization of high efficiencies with long experience in the field of tourism hotels.

Today, we are proud to be the first Saudi company in the hotel industry that provides quality services and superb hotels which are with international hotel standard.

AlMassa Hotels doesn’t just meet the standard. We set it.