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Ramada Al Hada hall for events Restaurant Ramada Alhada Hotel outside Hotel outside 2 External meetings External meetings 2 Bedroom Coffee shop F.O Games The main entrance Ramada Al Hada Cable car Royal Suite Ramada Al Hada Coffee shop Restaurant Games
Located In:
Taif, Saudi Arabia
Taif - Al Hada
Available Services:
Central air conditioning
Secretariats of the funds in all rooms
TV with a bouquet of satellite channels
A place of prayer
Laundry and ironing
Internet service in public places in hotel
International Telephone in all rooms
8 lifts
Contact Person:
Name : Muahmmed Alqaswani
Mobile : 966544300794
Tel : 966125500600
Fax : 966125530058
There are two main restaurants at the hotel from the restaurants offer modern style of months cuisine of East and West and the East Asian - 202 rooms and suites furnished with the latest world-class

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